What is relocation?

The relocation business not only consists of home searching, it also includes a large array of settling-in and other services for the transferee. Relocation agencies are experts in international and domestic mobility. Their task is to organize the settling-in of the family, recommend schools for the children, handle all administrative procedures and to make social and professional integration easier, there by reducing problems for the employer.

Relocation companies provide value both for the company and the employee:

The transferee does not have time for home searching, administrative procedures or choosing the children's school
The transferee usually does not speak French fluently
The transferee has no idea how the country functions administratively, socially and culturally.

A relocation agency is thus the right choice
to save time and increase productivity both for the company and the employee.

Who is ReloServices?
reloservices mobility le havre raphaelle frere After having lived as an expatriate in Great-Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and having moved several times within France (Rouen, Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Saint Malo, Pointe-à-pitre (French West Indies) and le Havre), Raphaëlle Frère has an in-depth knowledge of all the issues linked to living in a new environment and their impact on the family.
Born and raised in Le Havre, she has a solid knowledge of the housing market, the different geographical areas, schools and everyday life in France. Her expertise enables her to guide you and assist you in making the smoothest of transitions with a tailor made service.

What does ReloServices do?

Raphaelle Frère is a dynamic, proactive consultant working closely with specialists (lawyers, translators, banks, real estate professionals, …) in order to provide the highest standards of customer care.

Only 100% quality service will make the difference
between just moving and finding yourself a home !

reloservices mobility le havre raphaelle frere

ReloServices' commitments :

- To maintain confidentiality with regard to any information provided.
- To keep abreast of new information and practices with respect to new technology, current legislation and --business, in order to provide the best possible service.
- To refrain from giving advice on matters which are not within their competence.
- To act at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and carry out assignments with integrity and loyalty.
- To inform the client of any conflict of interest which may arise in carrying out their job.
- To refuse any form of payment which might hinder the non-biased nature of a judgement, particularly from estate --agents.

ReloServices is committed to providing all of the guidance and assistance
to ensure a smooth transition.