What are the advantages for companies?

The relocation company fulfils a well-identified need, and the employer’s obligation to finding qualified staff.

The successful outcome of this task could be jeopardised by the purely human aspect of the problem: namely how well the recruited or transferred person fits into his or her environment, and the countless daily problems involved in moving to a new place.

  • Have you already estimated the true cost of professional mobility?  Have you assessed the cost of removal?  Accommodation?  Time spent looking for information, etc.?

  • Have you counted the lack of efficiency of your employee because of problems that are not solved because of lack of time or information, thereby causing the employee to be distracted and working below normal capacity?

ReloServices takes care of all these issues and concerns, rapidly finding solutions.  The firm can thus count on an employee who is available and stress-free. This saves time and money.

ReloServices makes it possible to optimise mobility-related costs, and also to reduce the risk of failure and of employees going back to their home countries.

What are the advantages for people and their families?

For the employee and his or her  family, relocation services provide a guarantee of stability upon arrival, with made to measure solutions to fit specific needs.

Relocation consultants provide objective opinions and recommendations enabling the employee to be happy in their new environment.

Finally, the entire family benefits from the ReloServices network:  getting to know people, finding associations, taking part in informal meetings, joining in activities, etc.